Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Applicant and Graduate Profiles. Career and Academic Opportunities

Applicant profile

This course is an excellent option for people who are strongly motivated to learn about the teaching and learning processes that are the basis for personal growth of pupils aged 0-6 years old, with whom they will be dealing throughout their career.

Future Early Childhood Education students should have the following: a wide range of cultural, educational, psychological and social interests; an eagerness to understand human beings to the highest degree possible; and a reasonable belief that educational intervention, in both formal and informal settings, can decisively contribute to people’s wellbeing.

Graduate profile

The graduate profile for the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education is determined by the acquisition of all the general and specific skills described in the course plan for the degree. Graduates will be able to:

  1. Understand in depth the teaching-learning processes for the 0-6 age group, reflect on these in a critical manner, design creative proposals and communicate them efficiently.
  2. Be aware of the importance of the early childhood education stage and its educational and preventive role.
  3. Join teams of teachers, contributing their work and skills in developing the educational programme of the early childhood educational establishment.
  4. Cooperate with families and with other professionals to develop inclusive educational approaches that promote the integral development of all pupils and non-violent coexistence.
  5. Plan educational action for children aged from 0 to 6 years old with a flexible and autonomous approach geared towards lasting improvement.
  6. Commit to the learning process of children aged from 0 to 6 years old, and to improving society, and carry out their work on the basis of their ethical commitment.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education qualifies graduates to teach all the areas of the curriculum at Early Childhood level (0-6 years old) at state, semi-private and private schools. In addition, the specialism in Modern Languages: English qualifies those graduating from the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University College Alberta Giménez to face the problems and challenges arising from bilingual educational programmes, provided that they fulfil the terms specified in Spanish Royal Decree 1594/2011, of 4 November. Our graduates will be able to teach in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and to:

  • Perform teaching-research and management duties at Early Childhood Education level in state-owned and privately-owned educational establishments, with the ability to plan their teaching and manage a classroom in accordance with the institutional approach of the school in which they work.
  • Perform the role of tutor for a group of pupils and cater for diversity.
  • Intervene in the teaching-learning process by carrying out comprehensive activities based on experiences and play.
  • Undertake planning of extracurricular activities.

Regulated profession

This qualification enables graduates to practise the regulated profession of Early Childhood Teacher, in accordance with current legislation. It also meets the requirements regarding knowledge of the Catalan language by teachersset by the Government of the Balearic Islands.

Its specialisms, such as English, music education, physical education and educational therapy, are regulated in Royal Decree 1594/2011, of 4 November.

What can I do when I graduate?

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