Bachelor’s degree in


From 6 May to 2 September

Initial enrolment

From 8 to 28 July


Basic description

Journalism prepares students to pursue a very influential, well-known and highly prestigious profession, for which new professional opportunities are growing every day. The teaching given at University College Alberta Giménez is in line with the training offered at the other higher education institutions in Spain, adapted to our territorial situation. The curriculum, student profile and career opportunities describe a qualification based essentially on the concept of understanding the world and presenting it to citizens, using very specific formats.


In summary


4 academic years

Your day-to-day outlook


The subjects


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Essential information and dates

Just four attempts to pass the examination allowed for 1st year subjects

Would you like to know more?

We’re a friendly college. Tell us what else you need to know about the courses we offer and our university.

What makes us different

State-of-the-art facilities

We have the most advanced technical facilities, with top-level digital production equipment

Placements from the second year

We offer course placements and extracurricular placements, which enables students to improve their employability


8.49 out of 10 (2020-2021). This is the rating for the level of friendship and camaraderie on the course

High quality teachers

Rated highly by students according to the final assessment surveys: 8.15 out of 10

Family atmosphere

Small groups and individualised attention through a system of degree and subject tutors

Placements rated

Students rate their placement experiences very positively: 8.75 out of 10 (2020-2021)

How do we work?

Led by their teacher Ángeles Durán, students of Directing Media for the degree in Journalism, and also Media Studies, produced a video to commemorate the 35-year history in the Balearic Islands of the Teléfono de la Esperanza helpline

How do they see us?

Damián García Suñer

“Participating in the programme about the elections on 10 November was a great experience. I personally got to see how to do a live programme”



Arturo Cadenas

“Journalism is a degree for people who feel that their vocation of understanding and communicating the key aspects of the context is the most important thing, thereby contributing to free public opinion”

PhD in Philosophy of Law

Teacher for the Bachelor’s degree in Journalism

Marc Ferrà

“All the theory should be accompanied by practice. That’s my advice. If you like journalism, don’t wait to finish your degree before you start working. The earlier you begin, the better”

Alumnus from the Bachelor’s degree in Journalism

Correspondent in Morocco for Tele 5 and IB3

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