Seven routes to enable you to stand out

Our placement method for training the best nursing professionals

1. Placements at leading institutions

Excellence without practising is no easy task. This is why our external placements are carried out at leading healthcare institutions in the area.

2. Practising right from the start

Right from the first year of your course, you are immediately involved in hospital life: over 2,000 hours of learning at clinics and in other healthcare environments.

3. Learn more and learn better all the time

Our course placements begin in the second semester of the first year and continue throughout the degree course. Their complexity and the number of credits awarded for the Practicum increase as the training progresses. One in every three credits for the degree comes from placements.

4. We seek specialisation

Each placement offers different degrees of specialisation and has peculiarities that enable students to have contact with different areas of knowledge.

5. We address illness and health with a comprehensive approach

Our placement pathways make it possible to monitor patients in their disease process and in all its complexity, from health to illness. They deal with individuals and communities, in all the dimensions and approaches of healing.

6. Our method

As teaching methodologies, in the degree course we mainly use clinical simulations, case studies and group tutorials, as well as placements.

7. We support you: two tutors in each placement process

In each practicum, each student is assigned an academic teacher-tutor at University College Alberta Giménez, who monitors completion of the placement programme and evaluates the entire process, and a nurse who acts as a mentor, designated by the healthcare facility where the student is based and, together with the academic tutor, acts as a guide to help students benefit fully from their first working experiences.


All the documentation that governs your course placements for Nursing

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