Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Applicant and Graduate Profiles. Career and Academic Opportunities

Applicant profile

The recommended profile for applicants is someone with a clear leaning towards serving society , who is interested in acquiring the knowledge, abilities and skills required to deal with the complex responses by human beings to different health and disease processes, and in caring for individuals, the family and the community in diverse sociocultural contexts, in order to contribute to their wellbeing and improve their quality of life.

Future students must identify with values such as respect and understanding towards others, as well as demonstrating they are strongly motivated as regards social commitment and helping other people.

Therefore, our educational programme does not only include the necessary scientific and technical levels, but also essential training aimed at fostering greater humanisation in health care.

Graduate profile

Graduates of theBachelor’s Degree in Nursing are professionals with solid training combining scientific and humanistic knowledge with a humanising attitude towards health care, which enables them to provide comprehensive care for individuals, families and communities, and to easily adapt to the present and future health demands of society in this area.

Career opportunities

Within the framework of the skills acquired, their career opportunities are geared towards the following areas:

  • Hospitals (public and private).
  • Primary care and outpatient specialised care centres.
  • Outpatient emergency services.
  • Retirement homes and other social health services.
  • Workplace and school health services, and alike.
  • Teaching and research centres.
  • Organisation and management of nursing services

Regulated profession

The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is a course which enables graduates to exercise the regulated profession of “nurses responsible for general care”.

Academic opportunities

The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing enables its graduates to access further training through postgraduate programmes, both those consisting of official university studies (Master’s degrees and Doctorates) and those leading to the Specialist Nurse qualification.

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