Degrees in Education

Ten routes to enable you to stand out

Our placement-based method for training excellent and versatile teachers

1. Placements every year

Right from the first year of the course, with placements condensed into May and June, you immerse yourself into the school’s daily life. Each year, you polish your skills and build your profile as a teacher.

2. Different schools each time

You get to know different facilities, different working environments, different types of pupils and families, and other ways of working. More schools will know you and how well you work.

3. Placements for your specialisms too

The placements you undertake in the fourth year of your course focus on your specialism. You will be working for four weeks, teaching in English. If you are studying for a degree with two specialisms, you will do a further four weeks where you put your second specialism into practice. If not, you also have those additional four weeks at schools as a generalist classroom teacher. This may either be at the same school where you taught in English or a different school.

4. We train versatile teachers

We seek out schools and placement experiences that will make you take on different roles and responsibilities, so that, ultimately, you become a better teacher and can adapt to very diverse schools and families.

5. As from the second year of your course, you will be able to choose your school

From the list of semi-private and private schools with which we have collaboration agreements. If there are more applicants than places, the students with the highest mark from their previous placement will be selected. Where possible, each year our Education team will choose the tutor in the school best matching your profile.

6. Individualised attention and monitoring

At University College Alberta Giménez, you’re not just another number. Before, during and after your placement we will follow up to check on your progress. We are also in constant communication with the placement tutors at the chosen school. Each placement tutor for University College Alberta Giménez takes on a maximum of 10 students. In this way, we help you to make the most of your classroom experience.

7. Your placements are our core

Our timetables and exam calendars are adapted to enable you to concentrate to the fullest extent on your placements. In the dual degree programme, in the fifth year of the course from October to June you will spend your mornings teaching at a school. In the afternoons, you will be at our college, CESAG, for the other subjects.

8. You may travel outside Mallorca

We have collaboration agreements in place with schools located outside the Balearic Islands, in a scheme that is independent of the Mobility programmes.

9. You will work with different key stages

We try to ensure that you can work with children from the different stages of the early childhood and primary school education curriculum. We also strive to ensure that you can experience the different stages of an academic year: from the novelty of the new academic year beginning and what incorporating new pupils and new families entails to how to deal with the end of the year.

10. Continuously improving

Students, tutors at University College Alberta Giménez and tutors at the schools assess their experience each year and make improvements to the approach to the following year’s placements.

Scheduled dates for school placements

2023-2024 academic year

Subject/year Placements start Placements end
Placement I 20 May 2024 14 June 2024
Placements II and III 8 January 2024 23 February 2024
Placement IV 22 April 2024 14 June 2024
Placement V (DD) 2 October 2023 17 May 2024

Documentation and submission deadlines for Education placement students

General Framework Document Placements Education

How our placements are rated



2020-2021 academic year (average for Bachelor’s and dual degrees)



2020-2021 academic year (average for Bachelor’s and dual degrees)



2020-2021 academic year (average for Bachelor’s and dual degrees)


What can I do when I graduate?

List of schools where students have had placements

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