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Information Seminar Extracurricular Placements 2023
When: Thursday, 18 May 2023, at 14:00
Where: Events Room
Person responsible: Joan Matas / [email protected]

Our formula to enable you to stand out

Our placements help to shape great professionals

1. You can gain work experience from the second year of your course

We have a programme of (voluntary) extracurricular placements, that students can apply to join from the end of the second year of their course, which enhances our programme of course placements that take place in the fourth year (the fifth year in the dual degree). One in five of our students takes up this opportunity. You gain more experience.

2. Agreements in place with more than 90 companies

In the last 10 years, our students have had placements in 90 different companies. A varied range of choices, which include the leading companies in the sector in the Balearic Islands. From traditional media (written press, radio and television) to production companies, advertising agencies, press offices for public and private enterprises, in a wide variety of sectors (tourism, health, banking, etc).

3. Choose where you want to go

From the list of companies which have entered into collaboration agreements with University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG), you choose three options. When several students want the same spot, the choice of who will go depends on academic criteria: credits passed and average mark.

4. A transparent process

When we begin each of the calls for placement applications, students receive information not only about the company but also about the job and the tasks they will be performing; we ask participating companies to define the profiles of what they are looking for in their placement students.

5. Constant feedback for improvements

The design and execution of placements is constantly being reviewed. We meet every year with the companies which welcomed our students to see what can be improved.

6. Adapted to your timetables

The course placements take place over 200 hours between the months of October and January. The timetable for the first semester has been adapted so that you can easily pursue the rest of your subjects. Extracurricular placements take place in July and August.

7. Commitment to the third sector

Our students also undertake placements in major companies on our island, such as Amadip-Esment and Aspace.

8. Rated positively by students and companies

Placements are one of the experiences from our degree programmes that are most highly rated by our students in our quality surveys. The companies involved also demonstrate their satisfaction with our students and their abilities.


All the documentation that governs your course and extracurricular placements in Journalism, Media Studies, Advertising and Public Relations

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List of companies and media with collaboration agreement in place

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