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1. Do not forget your username and password

The first time that you apply for admission at University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG), a user profile is created for you (academic code) in the Comillas intranet, with a numeric code such as “202211111”. You choose the password.

Don’t lose this username or password! You’ll need it for enrolment later on. If you do lose them, click on the appropriate option in the pre-registration form “If you don’t remember your username or password, please click here”

2. When will I be given an appointment for the personal interview?

Once you have completed pre-registration online and have submitted your documentation, either Marta Ruiz or Elena Montero from the Admissions Department will contact you by email to give you an appointment.

3. What do the language proficiency level exams consist of?

The language proficiency exams are done online at University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG) through a grammar knowledge test.

The tests are for level B1 in English and B2 in Spanish and Catalan. The dates when the tests will be given are published on the pre-registration web page.

4. When will I be informed if I have been accepted?

Those applicants who pre-register in the first pre-registration period (which ends in April) receive a response in the second half of May at the personal email address they were provided with when they applied for admission. Those applicants who pre-register in the second pre-registration period, receive a response between late June and early July. The final deadline for notification is in the first week of September.

5. What happens if I have not been accepted?

For degree programmes where there are more applications than new places, your name will be added to a waiting list. The list will be in order of the average mark obtained in the admission process. It is common for some of the initial successful applicants to give up their places, which can then be filled by candidates who were on the waiting list.

6. Induction day for new students

Before classes begin, an induction day will be held for new students, with a common portion of the day for all attendees and another specific portion for their chosen courses, providing details of the services at University College Alberta Giménez and contact persons. All the information before starting.

7. When will I find out who my degree tutor is?

Your degree tutoris your point of contact throughout your time at University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG), one of the key elements of our personalised support model. Your tutor is the person to whom you can communicate any type of issue that may affect your academic performance.

In all our Bachelor’s degree programmes, the tutor will be the one to get in contact with you in order to have your initial meeting together. For Sports Science, degree tutors are selected in July, before the academic year begins. For degrees in education and communication, this will take place during the first weeks of the academic year.

8. How can I get my University College Alberta Giménez library card?

The library does not provide physical library cards. All new students or teachers at University College Alberta Giménez become registered at the library when they use our services for the first time. They must identify themselves through their student cards and/or identity document. All new users receive a registration email containing their preliminary password, which they can change later. Your username as a student at University College Alberta Giménez is your academic code (the number in your Comillas email address).
Library web page and catalogue access

9. I’ve already got an email address as I am a Comillas student. Can I forward it to another address?

Yes. And it is important you make sure you read the emails sent to that address (the address which was created when you formalised your enrolment) because that will be where the university will send you all the notifications.
How to forward the messages you receive at your Comillas email address to another address

9. When will I do my placements?

In Education and Nursing, in all the academic years. In Sports Science, course placements are carried out in the third and fourth years of the programme. In Communication, in the fourth year (the fifth year in the dual degree programme), and from the second year you can do extracurricular placements. There is also the option for Sports Science students to do extracurricular placements.

10. Can I do Erasmus interchanges at University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG)?

Yes. We have collaboration and student interchange agreements with Spanish, European and American universities, for students to spend a semester or an entire academic year away, if you so wish. You can find all the information in the section on Mobility.

11. My English is not very good. Can I improve it at University College Alberta Giménez (CESAG)?

Yes. Through our English courses, which are open to everyone (not just CESAG students). You can prepare for the British Council’s proficiency level exams.

13. When can I enrol?

Once you have completed the admission process, you should carry out your initial enrolment. There are two enrolment periods each year, in July and in September.

14. I still have some queries. What should I do?

  1. Send an email to Marta Ruiz or to Elena Montero, from the Admissions Department, at [email protected] or [email protected]; alternatively, you can contact them by telephone.
  2. Come to one of our open days, held between February and April every year. We’ll be delighted to answer any queries you may have and questions from your friends and family!

15. When are the timetables and calendars for the first year exams published?

First year timetables and exam calendars, and the academic calendar, are generally made public in July, coinciding with the first enrolment period. You will find all this information through these three links (when it is time).

Timetables web page
Examination web page
Academic calendar

15. How can I improve my proficiency level in Catalan?

We have free additional language tutoring for students who need it. One day a week, two hours.

Additional Catalan language tutoring

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